Thank you for choosing iRepairs as your mobile phone repair service, we greatly appreciate having you as a client! Repairs are covered by our 90 day warranty policy. Click Below.
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iRepairs Terms & Conditions *

1. If there are any changes to your original quote or when you haven’t received a quote upfront, iRepairs will contact you before commencing any repairs. 
2. A service fee of $40 is charged up-front, if your phone is repairable the fee will go towards the repair cost. 
3. iRepairs are not liable for any data loss. We recommend that you backup your phone prior to any work performed. 
4. Please make sure you have removed your sim card & or memory card from your device. iRepairs does not accept responsibility for loss of these items. 
5. Devices with non-working LCD’s will be treated as non working units, extra parts & charges may be required to complete repair for dropped, water damaged devices. In addition You will be notified of any variance & if agreed to the full repair will go ahead. If disagreed on you will be charged the original quote of the new part originally installed. 
6. Phones and Tablets that have not been paid for within 30 days after invoice date, automatically become the property of iRepairs for recycling to cover the cost of the repair in lieu of payment. 
7. Repairs on devices that are water damaged will not have any warranty period
8. 90 Day warranty is provided on the part(s) replaced on the handset, iRepairs is not liable for pre-existing damage to handset. By Clicking Yes you agree to all the Terms and Conditions above.
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